Avenue of the Stars

Avenue of the Stars

The Renovation of Avenue of the Stars

Located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront, the Avenue of Stars began in 2004 to pay tribute to people making an impact in the film industry from Hong Kong. The area will reopen at the end of 2018 as it is undergoing a transformation into an even grander place to visit. When it was open, it drew more than 500,000 people monthly for musical performances, international cultural programs and for visitors to see the handprints of thousands of stars. While the redevelopment plan has plenty of critics, the government has now given its blessings to Cheng Yu-tung’s grandson Adrian Cheng to redevelop the area.

Things to Do and See

Until remodeling and renovations are complete, there is a tower at the end of the Avenue of Stars that visitors are welcome to visit, climb the stairs and see the Avenue of Stars from a distance. Many of the displays featuring celebrities and exhibits have been moved to the Stars and Starry Gallery making it one of the things to do in Hong Kong. Visitors can see posters, quotes and movie stills from more than 20 classic movies featuring Hong Kong movie stars. Additionally, visitors can watch more than 120 movie titles featuring Hong Kong actors and actresses. Visitors can view a 10-year retrospective on the Avenue of Stars that featured many celebrities. Many visitors report that their favorite part of their visit is the photographic look at the 100-year history of filmmaking in Hong Kong. That gallery is located in a tunnel under Salisbury Road. It is accessible through the Peninsula Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel or from the subway by getting off at the Tsim Sho Tsui stop.

What Will Replace the Avenue of Stars?

The redevelopment of the Avenue of Stars area at the Tscum Sha Tau Waterfront has been very controversial. After giving their initial approval, the government later forced New World Development to scale back their plans for the area. The project that is set to open at the end of 2018 will include a 27.9 hectare art and design district that the company is spending more than $26 billion United States dollars to build. They hope that the development that will be similar to Tokyo’s Roppong Hills and New York’s Hudson Yards will include a luxury hotel along with space for many small businesses to build galleries and restaurants. James Pedersen Fox and James Corner Field Operation are working together to plan the new area.

As Hong Kong residents and tourists eagerly await the re-opening of the Avenue of the Stars, visitors can get their fix at some of the exhibits are on display at the Stars and Starry Gallery. The Avenue of Stars will remain closed until the end of 2018 when the area will reopen as an arts and design district.