Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Located in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum's special exhibits on Chinese history, culture and art are a great attraction for both residents and visitors. The building contains six permanent galleries and six galleries that rotate themes in temporary exhibits.

Some of the permanent exhibits include the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the Children’s Discovery Gallery and the Chao Shao-an Gallery. Each of these exhibits highlights a unique aspect of Chinese traditional culture.

One of the current temporary exhibits focuses on the life and philosophy of Bruce Lee, the famed martial arts actor. Some of the other exhibits are focused on Chinese art.

The museum also features a theatre with seating for 350 that regularly features an opera, different performances and talks. Chinese opera is one of the museum’s special showcases! There is much to see in the halls, so be sure to schedule a few hours to take in and enjoy the exhibits.

A Great Destination for Families with Kids

Families can find a lot of enjoyment from the museum’s exhibits and other featured attractions. Guided tours of the exhibits are interesting, and they bring more engagement with unique items, which is something that kids often find enjoyable. Also, there are exhibits particularly suited for children.

A Permanent Exhibition: Children’s Discovery Gallery

The Children’s Discovery Gallery is an ideal exhibit for kids. It has eight play zones where children can learn about the different habitats in the Hong Kong area, learn about archaeology in China or learn about traditional Chinese villages.

The Hong Kong Toy Story exhibit delves into the development of toys in China. Children can play with the historic toys, and their parents will have fond memories of the toys of a bygone era. For example, the Zeroids toys were made in the 1970s, and there is a station about these toys in the exhibit. Some parents may remember these toys from their own childhood.

A Special Exhibit: Bruce Lee: Kung Fu, Art, Life

This special exhibit has been going since 2013, and it is scheduled to complete in July of 2018. The museum is operating this exhibit in collaboration with the Bruce Lee Foundation. It features Bruce Lee related art and artifacts from the famed actor’s life. There are more than 600 items showcased in total!

A major highlight of the Bruce Lee exhibit is a 75-minute documentary film, “The Brilliant Life of Bruce Lee,” which screens at the museum's theatre. This documentary film shares interviews with people who were closely associated with Lee, giving an insider’s perspective of the man’s life.

Finally, there is a daily guided tour provided for this exhibit, which carries on in the Cantonese language. Through the tour, the visitor can gain additional insight on the items and art showcased in this exhibit.

A Special Exhibition: The Four Seasons

This art exhibition focuses on the life and art of Professor Chao Shao-an, who is a famed Chinese nature artist. The exhibit features 40 paintings by Shao-an, all of which are focused on nature and how the four seasons influence our lives.

Chinese History - The Collections are Outstanding

With the museum’s highlights, you are sure to have an enjoyable experience learning about the history of China. There is much to see, so making it a destination in your travels in Hong Kong can be a great boon to your overall experience. Overall, it’s a great place to see and learn about China.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum is located at 1 Man Lam Road, Hong Kong. For more information, visit www.heritagemuseum.gov.hk or call (852) 2180-8188.