Hong Kong Sweets and Treats Shops

Hong Kong Sweets and Treats Shops

Hong Kong’s Top Sweets and Treats Shops

You might not think of Hong Kong as a destination for sweets, but there are a variety delicious desserts and treats to be found. From mochi to traditional sweet shops, your sweet tooth is sure to be satisfied. If you're on the hunt for some tasty treats or after-dinner desserts, consider checking out these top sweet shops.

Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

Mr. Simms Old Sweet Shoppe boasts the title of first and only British confectionery in Hong Kong. With more than 1,000 different candies and sweets, this confectionery has something for everyone. Here you will find all of the classic treats from childhood like licorice and gummy candies, as well as novelty items like gourmet chocolate pizzas. They store also carries standard British brand name items including Cadbury chocolate bars. Additionally, Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe sells customized gift baskets, perfect for any occasion.

Choux Creme

Located in Mong Kok Station, both tourists and locals flock to Choux Creme for its delicious puff pastries. Although there is often a line, it is well worth the wait to sample one of Choux Creme's delightfully light and decadent puffs. These soft and fluffy pastries come with a variety of fillings. A few customer favorites are the tiramisu and matcha puff pastries.

Yuen Kee Dessert:

If you're looking for traditional Hong Kong style desserts, plan a visit to Yuen Kee Dessert. This authentic dessert eatery serves what is referred to as dessert soup. Although these sweet soups may sound strange to tourists, the traditional recipes are a warm and satisfying sweet treat.

Mochi Sweets

If you've never tried mochi ice cream, Mochi Sweets is the place to go. Considered by many locals to be the best mochi ice cream in Hong Kong, Mochi Sweets offers mochi ice cream in a variety of flavors. With more than 21 flavors to choose from, customers can pick from classics such as chocolate or strawberry, and unique creations like matcha redbean mousse.


There's nothing like ice cream for dessert to cool you off on a hot day. Cremeria offers a unique fusion of flavors, taking a standard soft serve ice cream parlor and adding a uniquely Asian twist. Although Cremeria offers a variety of soft serve flavors, the matcha ice cream is the stand out choice amongst customers. If matcha ice cream doesn't appeal to you, try the fruity Frutta Crema or one of their fresh fruit parfaits.

Urban Bakery

Urban Bakery is a trendy Hong Kong spot for indulging in some tasty desserts. Well worth the trip for tourists, this London inspired bakery serves a variety of European style cakes and pastries. If you're looking for something both savory and sweet, the croissants are unparalleled.