Things to do in

Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong

Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a bustling financial center often labeled the "New York City of the East" and shares the similar money-centric culture of its American cousin. Popular for delivering tourists some of the greatest shopping escapades of their lives, Hong Kong is a favorite for vacationers who are not on a tight budget. Of course, you can still have the time of your life without breaking the bank--and there's far more to this amazing city than just retail. If you want the full-blown Hong Kong experience, here is a list of awesome sights and activities to get you started.


Scope out the Land Before You Explore

You're in a new and unfamiliar place and have no idea where to begin your adventure. Instead of wasting valuable time orienting yourself in this dense jungle of pedestrians, motor vehicles, and sky-rises, plan your next move from a vantage point. You'll get a bird's eye view of Hong Kong via the tram to the summit of Mount Victoria. Here you'll be able to feast your eyes on the towering skyscrapers, lush tree lines, majestic mountains, and clear waters for which Hong Kong is well known. Featuring a full eight minutes of unforgettable sightseeing, the century-old Peak Tram is a top attraction for newcomers to the area.


Familiarize Yourself with the Local Flora and Fauna

Fans of the outdoors shouldn’t pass up a trip to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Also located on the famous Victoria Peak, the zoo and its facilities showcase more than a thousand varieties of plants, many of which are local. The botanical gardens are divided into several major areas and they include Bamboo Garden, Camellia Garden, Magnolia Garden, Greenhouse, Palm Garden, Bauhinia Garden, Azalea Garden and Herb Garden. An extensive collection of wildlife is also housed at the zoo, which boasts more than 700 mammals, reptiles and birds. To make the most of your visit, plan to spend an entire day at this spectacular site.


Dig up Hong Kong's Fascinating Past

Believe it or not, a vacation to Hong Kong can be both fun and educational. Many tourists will set aside time to learn something new at one of the great museums on the island. The Hong Kong Museum of History in Kowloon is probably the most comprehensive of the pack and boasts exhibits covering archeology, ethnography, local history and natural history. Have you ever wondered about the type of people who settled in Hong Kong centuries ago? Are you curious to find out which dinosaurs roamed what is now modern-day Kowloon? The answers are waiting for you at the Hong Kong Museum of History.


Explore Street Markets that Liven the Dead of Night

Tourism clearly drives the economy of Hong Kong, and the locals certainly take advantage of that fact. After the sun sets, many independent businessmen and women open up shop on the side of the road to get their hustle on! The night market at Temple Street is one of the most popular because you can find a little bit of everything there. From souvenir shops and fast food stalls, to fine jewelers and fortune tellers, you'd be surprised at how some of these vendors can attract locals and tourists alike.


Experience a Culture by Eating the Food

One of the best ways to learn about a group of people is to enjoy the local cuisine. One of Hong Kong's most scrumptious delicacies is known as dim sum, which refers to a meal comprised of a wide variety of small plates. Traditionally served in little baskets made of bamboo, dim sum is highlighted by dishes such as steamed and deep-fried dumplings, various egg rolls, salt and pepper squid, chicken feet, beef tripe, shumai, pan-fried turnip cake, seafood congee and egg tarts. Want the best bang for your buck? Try Tim Ho Wan restaurant. Looking for dim sum after a long night of partying? San Hing is the place to go. In the mood for something a bit more classy? Mott 32 transforms dim sum into a fine dining experience. Remember to share the culinary wealth with a large group of friends!

Hong Kong is a tourism hotspot in the eastern world--and for good reason. There's something in this modern metropolis for everyone. Now get out there and explore!